Instant Voice Messenger for Teams

Created by a fully-remote team, for remote teams Echo is designed to complement your existing tools, help you save time by avoiding unnecessary meetings, and feel closer together through the power of voice.

Echo InterfaceChannel Interface
Set yourself as Focused so you are not disturbed Arrow
Click to record a message, release to send Arrow
Chat one-on-one, in private groups, or public channels Arrow
Arrow Right-Click to 👋
Arrow Speech recognition and Message History
Arrow See who listened to messages in the channel.
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Speech Recognition and Message History

With built in speech recognition and history Echo helps your team stay on the same page and allows everyone to catch up on their time whether you are working across the city or across the world.

Presence Controls

When you are Online messages will play automatically when they arrive for the natural flow of the conversation. When Focused, no notifications will be played and messages will queue for you to catch up on your own time. When you are away from your computer Echo will automatically set you as “Away” – and any new messages will then be added to a message queue and notifications will play to let you know you have a new message.

Presence illustration


Voice messages play automatically after a "chime" from Echo.


Click to play messages at any time. Notifications are silenced.


Click to listen when you’re back.

Private and Public channels

In addition to one-on-one messaging Echo offers public and private channels for your team to collaborate around a topic or a project. Similar to Slack, you can create channels for any purpose and limit attendance to invitation-only.

Channels illustration

Workspaces illustration


Each company or team using Echo has its own workspace. Workspaces can only be joined by invitation and everyone in the workspace can see each other and chat directly or in channels. You can be signed into multiple workspaces at once.

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Listen Receipts

Make sure everyone in the channel is caught up with the latest messages by seeing which message they listened to last.


Emoji Pings

Echo also has silent emojis to say “Hello", let your teammate know you'd like to chat, or react to something they said.

Speed Dial

All your recent and frequently messaged Contacts appear in Speed Dial. A glow blue means they’ve left a message for you to hear. If you are signed into multiple workspaces at once you’ll find a unified Speed Dial above all of your workspace icons to easily access everyone you talk to across all of your teams.

Speed dial
Speed dial

Offline Delivery

You can send a message to your teammate even if they are offline. They will be notified about a new message and will be able to listen when they come back online. Nothing’s lost!

Offline Delivery

Hear me

Can you hear me?

How do I use this? Echo is here to help! A special user, Echo, is available in every workspace – and everything you say to her she will repeat back to you. Test your microphone and learn how to use Echo! Right click to get help.

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Start using Echo today and improve your communication.

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