Voice messaging for teams. Automated transcription.

Echo fits perfectly between typing and "jumping on a quick call”. Designed for remote teams and working from home.

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People talking using a tin and string phone

Click — and talk to your team instantly

Click and hold to record messages to teammates or channels. Instant delivery and playback. Listen to responses as they arrive or catch up later in message history. Speak, listen, and read. No typing required.

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Echo interface

Convenience of voice
benefits of text

Echo offers the best of both worlds with built-in speech recognition, message history, and listen receipts to help teams communicate quickly and stay aligned, whether you’re working across the city or on the other side of the world.

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Speech recognition

Stay in touch
stay focused

Echo helps you do both.

Getting things done requires focus. Echo keeps you in the zone by muting notifications and queueing messages when you’re focused or away.

Thanks to built-in speech recognition, you can catch important messages and respond when necessary.

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Echo in your workflow

Echo complements current communication tools by taking advantage of the best aspects of talking and texting.


Echo is Slack for voice. Echo uses familiar concepts — workspaces, direct messages, and private and public channels making it easy and seamless to use Echo alongside Slack.

Echo makes your one-on-ones more personal, discussions more nuanced. It helps get things done faster.

Slack integration is coming soon.

Slack and Zoom


Echo boosts productivity by replacing unnecessary meetings with gradual conversations that give participants time to research and consider responses or work asynchronously.

Echo's message history helps capture important points; listen receipts ensure everyone is on the same page.

Teams ♥️ Echo

Echo enables teams across rooms, cities, and continents to collaborate, communicate, laugh, and encourage each other. Work together to design, review code, run standups, create plans, and feel connected.

A man is chatting with someone using string phone
Voice messages

Create, together

Voice fosters spontaneous creativity and makes feedback more personal, vivid, and nuanced.

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Daily Standups and Check-ins

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Resolve issues faster by typing less; get answers faster when you need someone's input.

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Typing is for code

Echo is great for standups, async code questions, and  ignoring  talking to product managers.

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Group discussions

Close more deals faster

Review presentations, discuss a pitch, and crack a joke — sales teams love Echo.


Voice of leadership

Emotionless emails pale in comparison with the power of voice. Encourage, hear, lead your team with Echo.


How will you and your team use Echo?

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Bring your team together
The loneliness of remote work hurts engagement, productivity, and belonging. It causes frustration and impacts motivation. That's why we built Echo — to help your team foster human connections through the power of voice.

Happy teams innovate, create, and get it done.

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